Transition coaching – the next step

naechster schritt transition coachingYour first management position and the transition into executive management are essential steps in your career. As an experienced coach and “sparring partner” I will be by your side for the first 100 days. These are essentially the 100 days which determine your success as a manager in the future.

The promotion to a management position is an important milestone in both your professional career as well as your personal development. The transition from a member of the team to a manager also brings with it a difficult alteration of the way you work (from doing something yourself, to knowing when to delegate). This calls for a radical change in your behaviour towards the team.

This does not mean that you as a manager automatically have to have an answer to every question. One of the most important points is conflict avoidance and resolution. A manager has to make difficult decisions on a daily basis, which bring with it a considerable potential for conflict. 

Ideally, a prospective manager will look into the demands of his future position before he assumes it. The process of growing into a new position is especially important. To develop an authentic leadership style, more than just a façade is necessary: whoever wishes to successfully work in a new position has to work on one’s personality first, which is the basis upon which all other things are built.

In cases in which the interior image (the „appearance“) and the exterior image (the “substance”) don’t match, stress and burning out can be the consequences; not only for oneself, but for the entire team.

What are the most common problems?

  • Strengths and weaknesses: How can I locate, activate, and accept them?
  • Role: How can I be authentic and find my own management style?
  • Corporate Philosophy: How can I accept it, and then utilize it to further my own goals?
  • Working on the System: How do I build up important connections within my own team, and outside my department or company?
  • Delegation: How can I learn to delegate responsibilities, whilst still staying in control? 
  • Conflicts: How should I approach challenging and difficult situations?
Today, coaching is widely regarded as a corrective measure. Increasing performance is seen as its main goal. Just like coaching a competitive sports team.