Mid-level management coaching

management coachingAt the beginning of their career, every manager develops his or her own management style. Role models play an important part in this process. In this phase, I can offer guidance concerning topics like role clarity, self-marketing, self-assertiveness, the way you communicate with others, and what effect this has on them.

Transition coaching – the next step

naechster schritt transition coachingYour first management position and the transition into executive management are essential steps in your career. As an experienced coach and “sparring partner” I will be by your side for the first 100 days. These are essentially the 100 days which determine your success as a manager in the future.

Top Management / Sparring-Partner

sparring-partner für das Top Management„Lonely at the top“: high ranking managers within a company will confirm the validity of this proverb. At this level, it’s rarely possible to speak openly to colleagues about issues that concern you. As an independent “sparring-partner”, I am someone you can bounce ideas off of: together we can analyze and test your strategies and ideas from different points of view.