team building und team entwicklung

In today’s fast-moving world, working in teams is becoming more and more important. In Virtual Teams, whose members are spatially separated from each other, new forms of communication and issues surrounding cultural diversity are becoming more important and mat represent a challenge. 

Subsequently, when putting together a team, different aspects need to be considered. The optimal productivity of the team is just as important as its ability to withstand stress and conflicts, and remain focussed.

The individual teams’ capacity to act within the structure of a company is of essential importance for the success of the company as a whole. 

Teams can be seen as a fragile, artificial construct, which have their own dynamic. It is therefore necessary and helpful to reinforce and support a team’s aspect of being an aggregate of distinct personalities. In this way, the common goal  can be achieved despite the differences, which one is aware of. In doing so, it is crucial to take appropriate, specific, and pre-emptive measures.


team performance und team coaching

That teams work properly is regarded as a self-evident fact. However, there are crises and conflicts within every team. To maintain their functioning, stumbling blocks have to be removed to prevent them from becoming unsurmountable obstacles. In such cases their productivity radically plummets; in extreme situations, key players might be swayed to leave the team or the company. 

Phenomena like stress and burn-out syndrome do not only influence the productivity of individuals, but have a negative impact on the entire team. The resilience of a team not only determines the success of the entire group, but also has a considerable positive effect on each of its members individually. 

Through well-timed, targeted measures a group’s resilience can be raised. In doing so, both the group as a whole, as well as each individual member, is prepared for stressful situations and potential crises. 

The behaviour of the team during times of high stress is comparable to that of an individual. That is why it is of outmost importance to increase the resilience of a team: it is the only way in which good performance can be maintained in times of stress and conflict.