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Personal Information

Born in Vienna in 1961, married, two children.


I studied Business Administration in Vienna, specializing in public administration. In the course of my professional career I additionally absolved further education programmes at universities in England and France.

Professional Experience

In a global IT-firm I have held a whole multitude of positions working in a range of different departments in order to gain experience over and above sales. Due to my organisational and analytical competence and my ability to understand and evaluate situations in very limited timeframes, I quickly progressed to be in charge of increasingly challenging and complex sales and customer-related domains. While working abroad, I was primarily in charge of sales-teams in different regions of Eastern and Western Europe. Moreover, I implemented large-scale changes in complex international projects. These Chance-Processes included both outsourcing certain parts of the company, the foundation of new operational units within the company and the geographical relocation of the HQ. The management positions I have held included both high-level administrative functions as well as classic line functions in sales. Due to the extent of my regional responsibilities, I had a teams which were spread out over different countries, which led to the teams being culturally very diverse.

Working Style

The focus of my managerial responsibility was the strategic planning , the development and the operational implementation of business-models and processes to improve the company’s efficiency and to ensure that its goals were met.

Thinking outside the box, implementing strategies consequently, and occasionally allowing mistakes, in order to let everyone learn from them were key aspects of my philosophy while I was working internationally.


During my further training as a systematic coach, I have further developed this philosophy. Using it as a foundation, I can offer my clients both professional competence as well as a wide spectrum of personal experience in dealing with different organisation structures, cultures, and systems – always putting the individual at the centrepoint.


Certified Management Consultant | CMC
Certified Business Coach

Working Languages

German (native language), English (full professional proficiency)