Conversation Partner on an Equal Footing

As a conversation partner on an equal footing drawing from over 20 years of management experience as well as a course in systematic resilience coaching, I work on classic management problems and strategies with both junior managers and experienced executives. 

Not only managers in the hierarchies of large companies are confronted with problems in these areas, but also increasing amounts of chief executives of small and medium sized firms.

Part of the problem is that corporations integrate individualists, and let them become an central part of their teams, networks, and dynamic.

The maxim of my method: Take a step back, and look at things on a macro, not only a micro level. The whole is more important than the details. From the perspective of meta-level, things often look quite different. I provide a safe environment, in which different tactics and actions can be tested and evaluated.
Your point of view will serve as a point of departure for our discussion about how your management impacts your surroundings.

Let's start talking!

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